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Who are we?

MNM Consulting is a consulting firm offering an innovative approach to management.

MNM Consulting is a consulting firm offering an innovative approach to management. Our objective is to assist company transformations, ensuring that strategic vision becomes operational and contributes strongly to performance improvement. We help our clients in the development and implementation of their strategies.


Our originality: Innovation! MNM Consulting is carrying out research in management methods, which enables us to offer truly skilled and innovative solutions.

Why Méthodes Nouvelles de Management?

MNM Consulting : Méthodes Nouvelles de Management

  • Methods: Our approach to consulting is based on proven methods which have been tested in operational conditions.
  • New: Our management methods are innovative. They are developed and improved by our consultants and research teams.
  • Management: We have a strong management culture, which can adapt to customer’s organisations, to ensure a high level of mobilisation around strategy implementation.

Our consultants work alongside customer teams to optimise their governance goals, performance improvement plans, change management programmes and organisation transformations. Our consultants share customer commitment on results. They are trained to adapt rapidly to customer culture, and to develop mutual confidence. Our work approach is designed to transfer our methods and tools to customer teams in an organised manner.

Our values

MNM Consulting: 19 years running and 19 years of customer satisfaction.

Close collaboration with customer teams, progressive transfer of our efficiency methods, full adaptation to customer values, have enabled us to develop long term relationships during which high levels of performance have been achieved.

MNM Consulting - Partenariat

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our strong point. It is proof of a high level of service quality. It shows our capacity to build a strong working relationship that lasts. Close collaboration with customer teams has enabled to deliver high levels of performance. We work for large and medium size companies by adapting our methods to their context and meeting their requirements. Strategic goals of managers are taken on board, and operational expectations of executives are met.

MNM Consulting - Efficacité

 Methods efficiency

MNM methods are approved and used in many companies such as Société Générale, Valeo, Arianespace, Vaucluse council…Over a 10-year period we have been able to create, adapt and improve our ” management new methods”, and implement them within customer operations. Some of our methods now have proven efficiency; such as «5 steps method»; roadmaps are used today in many organisations around the world.

MNM Consulting - Evolution

Human adventure

MNM consulting guides your performance improvements, while you remain in charge. The quality of relationships with our clients is one of our main priorities. Establishing a stable and long-term relationship with a customer means being able to deliver optimal support in all situations. During our missions, we support and facilitate transformations according to the rhythm of the customer, adapting to the capacity of internal teams. We help to move on from an existing state, maintaining respect for the organisation’s values.

We provide the impulse momentum from the existing, while respecting the values of the organization.

Our counseling services are designed to respond efficiently to transformation issues of companies and organizations. We also offer training opportunities for an improvement in staff skills.

Our team